Starstar is a white she-cat.[1]


In the Parody series

Flying High: A Warrior's Parody

When Butterflywing is questioned by Greenkit when she calls the leader "Stonedstar" instead of "Stonestar", the warrior mentions that all of the leaders were like Stonedstar. She explains that Starstar was always too busy grooming her own fur, and Pinkstar would always give her fur fashion tips during the Gatherings, stating that the CenterClan leader was the best out of the other leaders in the entire forest.
While Yellowbelly and Kitepaw are returning from the Greenstone, Kitepaw asks where the DoomClan medicine cat was. Yellowbelly replies that Blueberry, the medicine cat, was a bit of a "fuddy-duddy", and she tends to avoid having fun with StarClan whenever she can. Yellowbelly also mentions that Blueberry had probably been grooming Starstar's fur the entire night.

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