Shadestar is a dark tom with green eyes.[5]


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When Fernpaw is following a border patrol, a ShellClan warrior snarls that MarshClan has gone soft and that Shadestar was a fool. Sleekpelt replies that he's no fool. Later, after Fernpaw's accident, Whiteflower comments that Shadestar will have to give up more of their territory to ShellClan. 
After Fernpaw gets bullied, Brownfur comments that she was bullied as well, and that no cat believed in her except Shadestar, who was always there for her.
While Fernpaw is hunting, she notices how Brownfur sounded worried, as Shadestar had been sickly for several days. Whiteflower hurries towards them and tells Brownfur that Shadestar is dying, and that it was time to say her goodbyes. Brownfur goes to his den to see him. Fernpaw's thoughts are sad as she notes their leader was on his last legs. By nightfall, Shadestar had gone to hunt with StarClan.
When Fernpaw is stalking a mouse, she overhears a FrozenClan warrior say that a spy saw Brownfur and Whiteflower going to FourPool, and that meant Shadestar must be dead.


Foster daughter:

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