Rosedapple is a large,[5] soft[6] and thick-furred, silver-gray she-cat[7] with darker gray and almost-blue dapples[1] that swirl through her pelt and resemble roses.[8] She has a thick tail[7] and dark,[9] sapphire[6]-blue eyes.[1]


In the Shattered series


Rosedapple, although not named, is standing next to the river. Northstar watches from afar, noticing that she is heavily pregnant with kits. She then slowly walks towards the river with a curious expression on her face. Northstar realizes that she is depressed and is about to jump into the river.
Northstar lunges forward and grabs her as soon as her paws leave the earth. He drags her to the shore and demands for her intentions of doing such actions. Rosedapple doesn't reply, and Northstar tells her that he'd stop her again, asking her why she'd throw her own life away, and her kits'. She turns away guiltily at this. Northstar persuades the she-cat to give her kits a chance to live, as nothing could be worth their lives. She then agrees, and he asks her for her name, which she tells him is Rosedapple. Both cats start returning to her Clan.
A ginger tom accuses Northstar of stealing Rosedapple. A golden she-cat is relieved because Rosedapple is safe. Northstar wants to see their leader, Lightstar. Upon seeing Lightstar, Rosedapple turns away and shifts as if trying to hide behind Northstar. Despite Lightstar being the father of her kits, there was something wrong with their relationship, and Northstar realizes that it's because Lightstar had left her to mate with Graywing, the medicine cat.
During Rosedapple's kitting, Graywing calls Northstar to accompany her, as he is the closest friend after Blackmoon - who had disappeared prior. Rosedapple successfully gives birth to three kits, one of which was stillborn, and is shown to be highly disinterested in the other two. She asks Northstar to name them, which surprises him. The two kits are then named Brackenkit and Birdkit.
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  • Rosedapple's name was originally Palmribbon.[10]



Former mate:




Foster son:

Foster daughter:

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  • Unnamed she-cat:[13] Deceased, suspected StarClan member


  • Unnamed tom:[13] Deceased, suspected StarClan member


  • Two unnamed kits:[13] Deceased, suspected StarClan member


  • Unknown cats:[13] Status unknown


  • Unknown cats:[13] Status unknown


  • Unknown cats:[13] Status unknown


  • Unknown cats:[13] Status unknown

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