Myrtle is a little, silver-gray tabby she-kit with a darker muzzle and paws.[2]


In the Shattered series


Myrtle is born to Reed and Blitz, and is noted to have a splitting appearance to her mother. Due to her similar appearance to Jag's mate, Myrtle, it was decided she was named after her.
Two days later after a period of resting, Reed decided to find the silver cat her father had told her about, despite the fact that the two kits were too young to travel. Jag carries Myrtle, while Reed carries Blitz, who was named after his father.
When it starts raining, Myrtle shivers beside Reed, with Blitz trembling slightly. Later, Myrtle falls ill and feverish due to the cold, and eventually dies of her illness. Reed tucks her daughter beneath her belly, as if her milk could revive her.
Myrtle is mentioned later to Silverstreak by Reedrush, who moved on after burying her daughter.


  • She was named after Jaggedclaw's former mate, Myrtle.[2]






  • Unnamed kit:[2] Deceased, no residence


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