Loners are cats living on their own who do not belong in any Clan, are not looked after by Twolegs, and are passive to the Clans.[source?]


There is controversy about the definition of loners and rogues:

  • Most books imply that loners are cats living close to Twolegs, but aren't part of a Clan and don't eat Twoleg food such as cats living on a farm.[source?]


Loners often stake a claim on an area around Clan territory. These places are often near Twolegs, such as on farms, abandoned homes, barns, or any sheltered area. They tend to keep to themselves and stay off Clan territories, and are known more for their independence and friendliness.[source?]

Some Clan members find them untrustworthy, but others befriend loners on the off chance that they might be useful allies in the future.[source?]

In the Books

Loners are less common than kittypets and rogues, but are less likely to experience violence from Clan cats than either of the other classifications.[source?]

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