Lightstar is a sleek,[6] golden tom[2] with pale tabby stripes[7] and golden eyes.[2]


In the Shattered Series


Lightstar addresses Northstar after he enters the camp, and tells him that he heard from his sister, Fawncloud, that he rescued Rosedapple. He asks Rosedapple if she is well, and Northstar follows Lightstar's gaze, which was rested on a pregnant silver she-cat. Northstar believes that Lightstar must've fallen in love with another cat other than Rosedapple.
Lightstar inquires Northstar, asking him if he was a Clan leader elsewhere, judging by his name. Northstar requests to join his Clan, as he doesn't want to be a loner for any longer. Lightstar decides that if Northstar had been a leader, than he must've been an honorable warrior, and therefore, he could stay in PeakClan. Lightstar turns to Rosedapple and asks her to let Graywing check on her, which causes her to flinch at the name. Rosedapple refuses, insisting that she is fine. The edge in Lightstar's voice returns as he reminds her that she nearly fell off a cliff. When Rosedapple doesn't move, he sighs and orders her to go back to the nursery.
Northstar asks Lightstar about the details of PeakClan, and why he found no scent markers. Lightstar tells him that there are no enemies, and therefore, there is no need for boundaries. Border patrols are only for cats who feel like it. The former FrozenClan leader then demands for a sleeping den, and Lightstar shows him the den he assumed was the Warriors' den.
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  • Lightstar's name was originally Sunstar.[8]


Former mates:








  • Unnamed kits:[10] Living (As of Chilled)

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