FourPool is a pool that connects all four forest territories, where they go to talk with StarClan.[1]


FourPool is a large pool which shimmers in moonlight. It consists of four streams flowing into a huge pool. One stream is from the mountains, cold and clear, one from the sea, salty and sharp, one from the marsh, dark and dank, and one from the forest, swift and sweet. It gives the illusion of stars dancing in the pool. [1] The streams flow from the four cardinal directions - north, south, east and west [2].
The water is mentioned to taste cool, with a tang of saltiness, a dark earthiness, and a slight sweetness.[1]

Book Mentions

In the Shattered Series


Chapter 1
FourPool is first mentioned by Northstar, who announces to his deputy, Crowtalon, that he is going to be travelling to FourPool. When he is travelling to FourPool, he mentions that he has never been there, and that he should have followed the mountain stream, which flows straight into FourPool.
Chapter 3
It is mentioned by Crowtalon when he states he would not travel to FourPool.
Chapter 39
When Lion is leading Chill down a stream, they arrive at FourPool, although not mentioned by name. Lion explains to Chill that this is where the Clan cats spoke to StarClan. He pads forward and lifts his tail over the water, and when he is done, announces that no cat will ever speak to StarClan again.


Chapter 37
Chillpaw shows Sootpaw FourPool, and explains what Lion did to it.

In the 100 OneShot Arc


Brownfur announces that she is going to FourPool to receive her nine lives, and will return as Brownstar. It is again mentioned when FrozenClan warriors invade MarshClan territory, stating that they saw Brownfur and Whiteflower moving towards FourPool.


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