Leader: Silverstar-pretty silver tabby, blue eyes
Deputy: Eaglestrike-gray tabby, yellow eyes
Medicine Cat: Shimmerfrost-silver tabby, icy blue eyes
Apprentice, Bluepaw
Warriors: Forestheart-handsome brown tabby tom, bright green eyes
Apprentice, Redpaw

Reedrush-pretty, slim silver tabby, green eyes
Apprentice, Blackpaw

Darkstorm-black tom, yellow eyes
Apprentice, Firepaw

Frostfeather-white she-cat, green eyes

Petalcloud-fluffy calico she-cat

Stormshadow-dark gray tabby tom
Apprentice, Jaypaw

Birchpool-white she-cat, blue eyes
Apprentice, Robinpaw

Thistlethorn-blue-gray tom, bright yellow eyes
Apprentices: Firepaw-brilliant ginger coat, fiery amber eyes

Blackpaw-sleek black she-cat, yellow eyes

Blizzardpaw-white tom, blue eyes

Jaypaw-gray tabby tom, amber eyes

Robinpaw-ginger she-cat, green eyes

Redpaw-ginger tabby tom, amber eyes

Bluepaw-blue-gray she-cat, blue eyes
Queens: Ravenwing-gentle, sleek black she-cat, green eyes. Mother of Sootkit (large dappled gray she-cat, yellow eyes) and Spiderkit (sleek black tom, green eyes, long, lanky body)
Elders: Jaggedclaw-badly scarred silver-gray tabby tom


Leader: Stonestar-gray tabby tom, yellow eyes
Deputy: Northstar-white tom with black paws, yellow eyes
Medicine Cat: Blackmoon-black tom with a white blaze on his chest, blue eyes
Apprentice, Birdpaw
Warriors: Rosedapple-dappled silver she-cat

Fawncloud-golden she-cat

Foxclaw-bad-tempered ginger tom

Smallfire-small ginger tom; will retire soon

Sparrowfeather-tabby she-cat

Sleekfoot-sleek blue-gray she-cat, sister to Stonestar

Volewhisker-ginger tabby tom

Hawktalon-brown tabby tom

Rabbitleap-gray she-cat with white markings, blue-green eyes, a short tail from an accident when she was a kit

Mousestep-golden-brown tom

Rainwind-gray tabby tom

Twigstripe-thin brown tabby tom
Apprentices: Birdpaw-golden-brown tabby she-cat

Brackenpaw-golden tabby tom

Streampaw-silver she-cat
Queens: Iceblossom-pretty white she-cat. Mother of Swankit (ginger-and-white she-cat), Snowkit (white she-cat), and Shrewkit (ginger tom)

Emberflight-tortoiseshell she-cat. Mother of Maplekit (pretty brown tabby she-cat), Poppykit (tortoiseshell she-cat), and Tigerkit (dark brown tabby)


Fogheart-gray tabby tom

Foxpaw-ginger apprentice, apprentice of Fogheart

Birchpaw-pale gray she-cat



Nightpaw-black she-cat, apprentice of Amberfur, died by drowning

Graystorm-gray tom


Whitecloud-white she-cat


Oakclaw-brown tabby tom

Toadpaw-small brown tabby, Oakclaw's nephew, first death on the journey (exact details unknown)