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Question: I read in Journey to Redemption that Gingerstep said she had three brothers, one named Emberkit who was a tortoiseshell and died from sickness. She then later says she was the youngest of five sisters. Which is true?
Answer: Mm, hang on. When Gingerstep tells her story later, she mentions she had a tortoiseshell tom kit who died. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe my original intent was for Emberkit to have been that kit - meaning she was lying when she told Splash he was her brother. Similarly, she might have claimed to have nothing but brothers to get away from the memories of her sisters. Again, it was like a bajillion years ago, so I'm not super-positive, but after glancing over those bits again, I think that was the original intent.
Outcome: True

Question: Did Streampaw ever eventually recover from the forest sickness or did she die? If she didn't die, what was her warrior name?
Answer: Shoot. I know I decided this one too, but again I can't remember. Her living would be pre improbable, but I'm not sure I had the heart to kill her off. Hm. I guess we'll say she died?[1]
Outcome: True

Question: What was Robinpaw's warrior name?
Answer: I think Robinflight, altho I have a vague feeling I used that for another character as well (maybe Nettlefrost's mentor? Idk).
Outcome: True

Question: What was Redpaw's warrior name?
Answer: I don't think I made one. Redclaw seems probable, tho, given his temper, and I'm sure he'd like the imagery.
Outcome: True

Question: In Chilled's allegiances, Smallfire is still listed as alive, but is said will retire soon. Then about three lines below, it says Smallfire (deceased). Is he still alive and an elder of PeakClan, or did he die?
Answer: I think he was supposed to have died in the battle, but I don't recall. He prolly wouldn't have survived the sickness/journey to the mts anyway, so let's say he's dead.
Outcome: True

Question: What was Swanpaw's warrior name?
Answer: I think Swanpaw's was going to be Swanfrost, 'cause she's a j***.
Outcome: True

Question: I noticed there was a heavy hint of a SleekxSparrow pairing in Shattered?
Answer: Mm, I'd say so. The main series kinda dodges that subject entirely, so there aren't any Clan rules against it - and even if they were, PeakClan would prolly break them. :P[2]
Outcome: True

Question: Can you confirm these guys in StarClan for me? Fogstar (formerly Fogheart), Foxstar (Fogheart's apprentice), Foxstar (Killed by Swiftshade), Frozenstar (Northstar's father) or did he go to the DF?, Gingerpaw (Did she go to the DF?), Jaywing (Jaypaw's father), Mudstripe (from Snatched), Nightpaw (journey cat, drowned), Nightpool (deputy of RiverClan under Streamstar, did she go to the DF?), Oakclaw (skyclan journey cat), Owlfeather (MC of windClan in TR), Patchpelt (from TR), Petalcloud (from TR), Poppyfur (from the beginning of Shattered), Smallfire (PeakClan), Smokethorn (from the Kestrelpaw one-shots), Streampaw (Graywing's daughter). Also did Swiftshade and Shrew ever make it to StarClan?
Answer: Yep to all fo' sho' except Frozenstar, Nightpool, and Gingerpaw. Frozenstar's an interesting case, since although he got his nine lives & such, his loyalty was always to the mountains' own gods (the Starwalkers, or w'ever). I'm not sure what they would have done w/ him, tbh, since their values differ from StarClan's. Prolly wouldn't have been super-happy about the genocide thing, even if it was to reclaim what the mountain cats had lost. I dunno if they really have a DF equivalent, either. I guess his fate's ultimately unknown, since we never see him again in any form. That'd be an interesting one-shot, actually, mm.

Gingerpaw's fate was left ambiguous, as far as I can recall. I personally think she'd prolly make it to StarClan, since she repented and all (that follows the rules later stories laid out, at least), but there's no real answer in canon (I think I'd planned a one-shot to resolve the question, but I don't really remember how that panned out). So there's another unknown, unfortunately.

Nightpool I only vaguely remember, but I think she murdered TC's medicine cat, or something, and that prolly didn't win her any StarClan points. She prolly ended up in the DF.

Swiftshade and Shrew did make it (I think I intended them to have a StarClan cameo, at one point; oh well). It was a long, long way for them, but Shrew knew the right path, and since he was hanging out w/ Shadeclaw & co. before, not only had he already passed all his tests (except selflessness, which the thing w/ Sootpaw fulfilled), but he already knew the danger that was waiting for them, and made sure they avoided it. Swiftshade might have had a harder time, since he had to pass eight other tests before reaching the end, but as long as he had Shrew to look after him, he was probably fine.[3]

Outcome: True

Question: Do all the cats who went to StarClan keep their names that they were called before they died? I.e. Brightfire, Fogstar, etc.?
Answer: Yes? I'm not sure why they wouldn't, unless I've misunderstood the question. The only exceptions I could think of would be cats that went from being Clan cats to rogues, a la TalonClan's bunch, but most of them wouldn't have made it to StarClan, anyway.[4]
Outcome: True

Question: How many moons pass in Shattered and Chilled respectively?
Answer: According to my Excel file, Shattered takes place over 79 days (like 2.8 moons; I standardized all my moons to 28 days, so I could keep track of the phases more easily). Chilled takes place over 349 (Christ), mostly because of the time-skip for the epilogue. 349/28 = 12.5ish, so basically a year and half a month.[5]
Outcome: True

Question: How old were Silverstreak, Ravenwing, and Frostfeather at the beginning of Shattered?
Answer: I *think* she was two years old, since Toxin/Reedrush were about one, and that was important? And I feel like Ravenwing/Frostfeather were slightly younger, though still close to her age (I want to say like 1.5 years, but then they wouldn't have even trained together, which doesn't seem right). Maybe just one or two moons younger? I'm not certain.[5]
Outcome: True

Question: How old were most of the important kitties in Shattered?
Answer: Honestly, I have no idea. Remember, it's been more than six years since Shattered started - and I didn't really pin down specific ages for anyone beyond "warrior-age" or "almost an elder" or stuff like that. I'm sorry, but if you feel the need to be that specific (and tbh I don't think it's that important, really), you might just have to guesstimate.

I will say that most warriors were probably 2-3 years when they were first introduced, unless they appeared especially immature. Cats that are specifically mentioned as being old, like Bullet, Frozenstar, or Silverstar/Tarnish (& probs Timber?) were probably 5-6. Any cats introduced as apprentices are probably between 6-12 moons (I think Hawk/Ice were specifically mentioned as being younger than Rabbit/Mouse/Vole in one of the one-shots).

Eaglestrike I think was supposed to be Ravenwing/Frostfeather's age, so a few moons older than Silverstreak, but I'm not 100% sure on that anymore.[6]

Outcome: True

Question: Were all the cats from PeakClan, BirchClan, MarshClan, etc. that had kit or apprentice names always ending in 'kit and 'paw with their confirmed prefix? Like, would Fadedstar have been named Fadedkit? Also rogues and loners; if they were kits, would they be named what they were called as an adult? If not, are there any special cases for names? Like FrozenClan, for example? And what was Northstar's mother's warrior name?
Answer: 1) Yes.

2) I believe so. Some FrozenCan names prolly differed, but I don't think any are mentioned in-story.

3) I don't think Sky ever got a warrior name, actually; no one ever calls her anything beyond Sky that I can remember, and Chapter 46 it seems as though they adopted the warrior code stuff really close to her suicide, so I assume she never actually made the change.[7]

Outcome: True

Question: How old were Puddlekit and Streampaw when they died?
Answer: Streampaw I definitely don't know (as I recall, it's never confirmed she died in-story, but I think you asked me about it and I said she probably did). Puddlekit died when he was pretty young, I think, probably 2-3 moons.[1]
Outcome: True

Question: Could you possibly give me permission to make up descriptions and eye colors for kitties that don't have them? Unless you want to help me with some:
Answer: I s'pose you can. Also, A/B/C: I don't think I made any for any of them (unless Littlewing's mother's name explicitly comes up at some point, which I don't think it did).[8]
Outcome: True

Question: What were the descriptions for most of the un-descripted characters?
Answer: Badgerfang was a big, black-and-white tom.

Berrypaw was ginger, I think with green eyes. Birdpaw (the first) was a golden-brown tabby with white paws. Bluepool was blue-gray. Fawn-nose was a pale brown tabby. Fernpaw was a brown tabby. Her eyes were green, but they were blinded. Flicka's eyes are yellow, I think. Foxpaw's eyes are probably amber. Frogleap was a tabby tom. Graystorm was gray. Ivy's a golden-brown tabby with green eyes. Jaywing had amber eyes. I'm not sure who Lacey is, but there was a cat named Luna who was Lace's sister. They were identical. Leopardfoot was a dappled golden she-cat. Maplepelt was a golden tabby with green eyes. Oakclaw's eyes are amber. Rainsplash's eyes were green, I think. Red was a ginger tom (I don't remember him either). Russetbird and Russetstar were assumably russet-furred. Shadestar was a dark tom with green eyes. Tiger was a brown tabby tom, probably with yellow eyes. Timber was a brown tom, with a grayed muzzle.[9]

Outcome: True

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